Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idol and Mookie

I played the Mookie tonight while watching Idol on TV. I taped it so I could skim through the five zillion commercials and chit chat.

Anyways The Mookie was pretty uneventful. I never got a pocket pair over 10s but I did get a lot of middle pairs which kept me going for awhile. Lightning was at the table and took a bad one when he hit trip queens but his kicker was only a king and Ddionysus had the Ace kicker. I just basically coasted along trying to stay afloat. Josie joined our table and pulled off the 2-7 bluff and won some chips but her night ended when she pushed with KQ and pocket 8s held up.

After that I went card dead for a long time getting the usual crap of 9-2 and 6-3. Finally when I was down to just over 1000 I managed to double up twice once with KQ and the other with AJ. I was up to just over 5000 when I got dealt AJ in the BB. The button raised to 1200 with blinds at 150/300. I thought he was just trying to steal so I jammed in. Uh no he wasn't . He had AK and bingo I was out just like that. I finished a scintillating 38th. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

I have now been entered in the Blogger Battle Royale and I want to thank the people responsible. Very nice and much appreciated.

Okay so I watched the Idol finale tonight. Pretty impressive lineup although Janet Jackson sounded off key to me but then again maybe I have old ears. As for the winner I really think the wrong person won. Not that Lee wasn't great because he is but that Crystal girl mark my words will make more albums than any previous Idol contestant with the possible exception of maybe Carrie Underwood. There is already talk of her being on the Lillith Fair tour. I just loved her voice and I would pay money to go listen to her perform. She was outstanding but then again I love that kind of music. She did a song tonight with Alanis Morissette and sounded just as good if not better. As for Lee he will also do really well and is very talented but in my opinion Crystal was in a league of her own.


Aces 18/26


  1. Oh sure, K-Q holds up for you!! :P Fun playing with you tonight, Cooper.

    I have neve watched American Idol, but are you telling me Janet Jackson AND Alanis Morrisette both sung on it???? Man, had I known singers like that were on it, I'd watch. Who knew!

    I see you no longer track pocket aces on the bottom of your blog. Maybe I should take up where you left off.

    Good night and good game.

  2. I have not watched AI for many, many weeks. I thought that Crystal seemed to be the one that IA wanted to win.

  3. @ Lightning

    Oh yea Crystal was the favourite from day 1. She was and is so much better than anybody else. Turns out it was a popularity contest not a singing contest as usual.

  4. @ Josie

    Yep it was fun oplaying with you too..
    Idol had Alice Cooper, hall and Oates. Joe Cocker and few others.
    I am still tracking Aces I just for forgot last night and I am editing it right now.

  5. Sorry you didn't do better - some nights you just can't get going.

  6. @ Memphis

    Thats so true. You sure have been running good lately. Keep it up

  7. Survivor and American Idol? WTF am I going to do with you? No wonder A-A never holds up for you, they don't want to be associated with someone so ghey.

  8. @ Wolfshead

    LOL. Ace Ace loves me lately.

  9. Crystal and that Lee guy aren't even on the same playing field. She's a star, he's a limp noodle with the personality of a Q-Tip - it wasn't even close.

    However, he was willing to be sold into Simon Cowell's slavery - better that than a paint shop - she wasn't. When Ricky Gervais said Cowell takes 80%, he was telling the truth. Take into account that teeny bopper girls do the voting and there you have it.

  10. @ Wolynski

    Yep its the teen girls that gave him the win. Crystal doesn't need tp worry as you are right she will be a star.


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