Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog ads

When I started this blog about 14 months ago I decided to use Google Adsense and put a few ads down one side of the blog. I am not sure why. It just seemed like a decent idea and I might make a bit of cash. Well as you all know unless people are continually clicking on your ads or you get like 1000 visitors per day you make almost nothing. It's not really worth it. I had thought a few times of taking them down but never really got around to it. Then today I get an email from them saying I have to remove the Battle of the Bloggers 5 badge as it infringes on their policy that their ads and gambling ads can't be on the same page. I guess nobody has told Google Adsense that poker isn't gambling. Of course we all know that they don't have that same opinion. So what did I do?? I removed the Google ads. That was easy.

There exact quote was this:

(As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
place Google ads on sites with content related to gambling or casinos.
This policy includes driving traffic to online gambling sites through
links or advertisements).

I guess I will have to find other ways to supplement my income...............


Aces 9/17


  1. They're poker blogs and they have a policy against poker ad links? WTF? Hell I've seen poker ads in the stuff that streams through my ad sense block. I hear about it it comes down, the ads not the blogger badge. Not like I'm making anything anyway.

  2. @ Wolfshead

    Yea I thought it was pretty strange too but hey no big loss as it sure doesnt bring in much anyways unless you are having a real lot of readers

  3. @ Memphis

    I guess its happened to other bloggers too. There are a couple of other ad sites that allow it that the Poker Meister emailed me on and I thank him. Not sure though if I will bother.

  4. But AdSense ACCEPTS ads from Vegas casinos and hotels.

    Who the hell is Google with all this moral censorship?

  5. @ Wolynski

    Yea it makes you wonder. I was pretty suprised getting the email.


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