Monday, May 10, 2010


I watched the hockey game last night most of it before my poker game started and I have to say this series has had the most brutal refereeing I think I have ever seen. Not just against the Canucks but against both teams. I don't usually complain about them but oh my they were horrible last night. The most blatant of course was the non call for the high stick that cut O'Brien. How could they miss that?? There was several calls that weren't made against both teams. Now I know its playoff hockey but if you are going to let things go lets be consistent. One game you are calling everything and other games nothing. It was hard to watch. Chicago looked incredibly flat last night and Luongo finally came up and played like he should be. So it's on to game 6. My prediction?? Who knows? Which Chicago team is going to show up and which Vancouver team?

I had noticed that in both my live play and online play I had been bubbling a LOT. Way too much. Someone else noticed that also. Anyways with a few adjustments and advice things have been going great online. I have noticed and cashed in every (3) tournaments online since the changes. I thank the person for the suggestions. I always figure if you can't take advice then your game will get stagnant. A different set of eyes always helps.

So then came my regular Sunday night live game. Very first hand in with blinds at 100/200 I am dealt QQ. I am one off the dealer. Two limpers to me. I bump it to 1200.I know the early limpers love those weak aces. The button instantly shoves all in. Okay remember this is the first hand.. The blinds fold as do the two limpers. Back to me. Only two hands beat me. Now the guy that shoved is a horrible player. He really does not have a clue. He could have anything. He's the guy that is usually out first or he lucks out and gets some ships and then donks them away. So I start quizzing him. Finally he says I will show regardless. Perfect clue as the I know in this case having played him many times he has Kings or Aces. I fold face up. Everybody goes wow and then he flips over the Kings so it was a good fold. We only start with 5000 chips so that put a bit of a dint in my stack. I managed after that to steal a couple blinds with aggression but I was really card dead for most of the night.

We got down to 20 players when with my stack at around 3600 and blinds at 400/800 with 100 anti and I get deal 77 on the button. 1 limper to me who is a really passive player as far as I can tell having not played him before other than tonight. The blinds are both good players but I know if I shove unless they wake up with a hand they are folding. So I shove. The blinds fold as hoped. The limper calls and flips over KK. Yep he limped with that.........My night was over as the board did not help. I know 77 is a not great hand but I needed to be aggressive and pick up chips as my stack really never got going last night. Who linps with KK?? I guess he does. That's Poker.

Twice on the weekend had Aces and both times they held up.

Aces 8/16


  1. Wow. Great fold with Q,Q. That's something I have a really hard time doing.

    Must be a very smart person...must be cute too.

  2. What was the advice on your "bubbling" problem?

    FWIW, I think shoving 7,7 with 3BB (including antes) is a good play here. The limper would have felted me too.

  3. @ Josie

    Thanks on the fold. It was tough. No he is not smart or cute......... Oh did you mean OLD me LOL

  4. @ Lucki Duck

    Yea I thought it was okay to shove and it would have been if the guy didn't limp with KK. The advice was just on the agggression side. It was some good stuff

  5. The game was silent and boring for Hawks fans. Disappointing that the Hawks didn't show up ready to play.

    This whole series has been a disappointment except for game two. All the others had one team playing like crap.

  6. @ lightning

    Yep game 2 was the best. Hopefully game 6 will be a repeat but with the canucks winning this time

  7. BINGO! Like the green/grey color combo.

  8. Nice fold with Q-Q -- ya gotta know your customers (why I prefer live play).

  9. @ Josie

    I have been playing around with the backdrop. Glad you like it.

  10. @ Memphis

    Thanks Memphis. That's why I also love playing live.


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