Friday, May 28, 2010

Pre Weekend Stuff

I watched some of the TOC online last night and it sure seemed like everyone was well aware of the prize packages because most hands were decided preflop. I railed Lightnings table for awhile and as I thought according to his blog he was really card dead. He didn't seem to be involved much. Tough break. Nice to see Keepflopping win one of the 2000.00 packages though. Hopefully he can turn that into bigger cash at Vegas.

Lately I have been playing mostly cash games online as I seem to be running real well at them. Last night I had pocket Aces (is this my favorite hand now??) hit trips on the flop and I had a guy (donk) betting into me on a non scary board (won a very decent pot). The very next hand I had pocket 9s which also hit trips on the flop. Much scarier board so I bet out . Got a caller and the turn brought a non scary card(so I checked) he bet and I raised and he folded. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had pocket pairs and both hit trips back to back. It has been awhile that's for sure. Aces held up for me twice yesterday and so my streak continues. Must be the talk Josie had with me. I always listen to Josie. See if you don't listen she just talks more...

The WSOP starts today. I read something on their site that said there is less than 500 people total in the whole world who have won WSOP bracelets. I was surprised at that figure. I thought there would have been more. Can you imagine winning one?? I know the prize money would be great but that bracelet is something your kids and grand kids could talk about and treasure for years. How cool is that??

The summer movie seasons starts today and the first big release is Sex and the City 2. Now I know Wolfshead will be first in line to see it. Ha Ha. Will I be going?? Okay start the abuse now. I can take it. Of course I will be going. I think I saw most episodes of the TV series so I will definitely be there sometime this weekend. Yes I know it's a chick flick but I tell you guys half the fun going is watching the audience pre show and after. The ladies will be out in full force for this movie. I don't know about you guys but that beats going to say a monster truck show and seeing a bunch of beer swilling guys salivating. I will post my thoughts afterwords. Can't wait can you?? Yea I bet.


Aces 20/28


  1. "See if you don't listen she just talks more..."

    Aha! You are a wise man, grasshopper ...

  2. @ Lightning

    Yep. Old age makes man very wise.

  3. I do hope your tongue was firmly in your cheek about me and a certain movie. Besides, why would I want to go see that? Sex? What's sex? You going I can understand, after those posts about ASurvivor and American Idol. I suppose you are a charter member of Riggs' Lost discussion group also.

    Speaking of all that, "I always listen to what Josie says"? Son, I think all those shows are starting to rot your brain.

  4. @ Wolfshead

    Yes tongue firmly in cheek. I never watched Lost and the whole concept sounds goofy to me. Hey glad you called me son. I almost feel young.

  5. Get the fuck out of here! You're going to see SEX & THE CITY II???? I know you like your chick flicks but come on!!! I'M a chick and even I ain't going to see it! I'm starting to wonder....dare I even say it.....let's just say I'm questioning your gender. :P

    You DID listen to me about AA, and I'm glad sweetie and thanks for the link.

    Now grow a pair and go see an action flick!

  6. @ Josie

    I will post a review especially for you Josie dear. I know how you like my chick flick reviews......... Action flick?? Boring

  7. I like chick flicks home curled up on the couch. And I DO have a thing for Mr. Big.

  8. I like reading all your chick flick reviews Coop, it's just that I like busting them on you even more. :)

  9. @ Josie

    I know you love it and you love even more giving me a hard time.. Mister Big eh??

  10. Huh, did someone mention my name?

  11. @ Waffles

    Nope she was talking about a different mister big.. LOL


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