Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You never know

About 6 weeks ago a little girl (Tori Stafford pictured above) in Ontario went missing on her way home from school and of course everyone was frantically looking for her. The parents were devastated and the search turned up nothing. There was a grainy video of a women walking with what looked like the girl but that was it. Then this morning I read that they have charged a guy and a lady with her murder.It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The people charged are supposedly friends of one of the parents.

Why I mentioned this several years ago there was a little girl (Heather Thomas) who went missing in Vancouver. We lived at the time in the Interior of B.C. We had just moved from one city (Vernon) to another (Kelowna). Anyways the news came on the TV that they had found this little girls body and that they had charged someone with her murder. Then the newscaster said the name and I just freaked out. It was the oldest son of our former next door neighbour in Vernon. They actually showed where he lived and our house next door. He had moved to Vancouver for work and had lived in the same apartment complex of the little girl. He was eventually tried and convicted. Now this kid was a normal boy who skied, played football and his 2 brothers played with my kids. The parents were/are great people. I was horrified and to this day still wonder what happened and what caused him to do this. My kids were of course freaked especially my daughter who knew this boy well.I really feel for the parents of this little girl that was killed but I also feel sorry for his parents and his 2 brothers as they have to live with this forever. Really you never know about people.

I played my regular Tuesday night game last night and ended up 12th out of 47. Not as good as the night before but other than 1 huge pot I won I couldn't get anything going. The huge hand I won I got dealt 5,6 in the BB and the flop came 4,7,8. Love it. Straight on the flop and well disguised. I managed to go all the way to the river with a guy to my right who kept calling my bets. He said he was chasing a flush. Anyways a huge pot. That basically was it. I had pocket 10's once and raised and just picked up the blinds. I folded pocket 7's before the flop when there was 2 huge raises. Then I really got blinded away as the cards just didn't come my way.

The only other interesting hand came that I wasn't involved in. A solid lady player made a decent pre flop raise, guy next to her (who will go all in with anything) went all in, went around to another lady who thought for a long time then folded. The original lady called. Turns out the guy had pocket Aces, she had pocket Kings, the lady who made a great fold had pocket Queens as she showed after folding. The Aces held up but it must be really astronomical odds on pocket Aces,Kings and Queens in the same hand.


  1. "son of our former next door neighbour in Vernon. They actually showed where he lived and our house next door."

    That would freak me out and demonstrates what you said: you just never know.

  2. The thing was Memphis this kid was just a seemingly normal kid. I talked to him all the time. He seemed happy, well adjusted just an average kid. The scariest thing is my daughter at that time wasn't much older than the little girl he killed.........

  3. AA v. KK v. QQ (all-in pre) has happened to me once (that I can recall). It was on my birthday. I had AA. WEEEE!

  4. You gotta love it when those Aces hold up. Must have been a hug pot. I can't remember ever seeing AA,KK,QQ before in a live game.


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