Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday night

So just about every Friday night the better half and myself go out for dinner or get takeout. You know end of the week don't feel like cooking. There are several restaurant/pubs near our house that we always get great service and great food but the wife was putting in some overtime so we decided to go to a pub/restaurant near her office that her and some of her office gals go to for lunch. I had been there once before but I think we just had a drink. Anyways my 20 year old son decided to join us. Now the drinking age here in B.C is 19 and has been like that for over 30 years.

We walk in the pub , grab a seat and waitress #1 asks us what we would like to drink and gives us the menus. We order and wait for our drinks. Then waitress #2 comes over and in a really loud voice says to my son you can't be in here as you have to be 19. Now my son looks young and does get asked for ID a lot of the time but the bar staff usually ask politely can we see some ID. They don't automatically say you can't be in here. So my son somewhat embarrassed shows the ID. Then waitress # 3 brings us our drinks but my son (who is not much of a drinker) ordered ice tea (here in Canada ice tea is semi sweet). Anyways his tea was tea with ice added. Pretty gross stuff. Regular ice tea is actually really good and refreshing. He asks waitress #2 to get a pop instead. She says sure and away she goes to get it. Or not.

So we order our food and waitress #3 asks what kind of dressing for my wife's salad. She then precedes to bring the wrong kind. So waitress # 3 brings our food and my son ordered teriyaki chicken wings. Well the wings looked like they were cooked and then a glop of teriyaki was poured on them. Looked gross but my son struggled through them all the while waiting for the pop he had ordered. Finally after he nicely reminded waitress #2 he got his pop.

My potato skins were actually fairly good but my wife's salad was minuscule and she ended getting a another dressing. She then ate one of my potato skins because she was starving.

So then waitress #2 brought the bill and I gave them my credit card. She then brought this machine over to our table which looked like a debit machine but is actually a credit card machine. So I figured oh cool. Anyways not so cool. The machine showed our total and then asked me what I wanted to tip in % not amount. Meanwhile waitress #2 is standing there watching me. It was so complicated trying to figure out which buttons to press I ended up not tipping. I mean I have used machines before that ask how much to tip and you add a dollar amount. This one wasn't like that.

We then felt bad and threw a few dollars on the table and left. I know I probably shouldn't have tipped. It certainly wasn't a dinner to be remembered. I am still trying to figure out why we had had 3 different waitresses. Anyways needless to say I doubt very much whether we will be going back there. There are so many other great restaurants and pubs that I'd rather spend my money at. My wife was certainly surprised by the food and the indifferent service as she said at lunch its usually good and better service but goes to show you a restaurant is only as good as its staff. I might even coin a letter to the owner describing our night. Not that they probably care but we will see.

I was looking at who is still in the 40,000 WSOP event in Las Vegas. What struck me is the lack of huge names that made the top 27. A lot of the big guns were gone right away and most of the so called stars played this event. Good to see Vanessa Rousso cash in 27th place(that was the cutoff). Big names still in are Justin Bonomo, Greg Raymer, Tony G (the Brit)and Andy Black. Other than them all the other so called big names hit the rail early. Top prize money is 1.8 million. Not bad!!! Of course most of the stars probably didn't put in a cent. They were either totally sponsored or people bought a piece of their action.

My Thursday night game was much like my other 2 live games this week. Out early although I did play much better just got beat when my pocket queens went up against AK and she hit both her Ace and her King. Its been that kind of week. Hopefully play better next week at the River Rock.

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