Sunday, May 10, 2009

High Roller

I finally got around to watching the movie High Roller which is a dramatised version of the Stu Ungar story. I had read a lot about Stu so the movie itself was just okay. It flashed back and forth from near the end of his life to how it all started. I would like to have seen more poker scenes in the movie and had more content about his WSOP wins but I think the intent was more of the hard life he swirled into. I read that they figured he won somewhere around 32 million but he blew it all through sports betting and drugs. It's kind of sad to see someone who had so much talent die at such a young age. I know that it is very unlikely that anyone will ever win the main event 3 times like he did. The fields are too deep and too good now. That's not to take anything away from Stu who was a one of kind guy.

I watched the quarter finals of the NBC Heads Up Championship on TV this morning. always nice to watch how the hands played out. Big moments today were:

1. Hellmuth going all in with pocket queens and getting called by Grospellier with pocket Aces and that was it for Phil.
2. Negraneau making a questionable call playing Rousso which he lost and let her back in the game. She then got on fire and beat him.
3. Hard luck loss to David Williams when he flopped a full house and then got beat by Farhas higher full house which he caught on the river. Williams was shocked to say the least.
Semifinals and finals next week.

I haven't played any poker all weekend. Not even one game on the Internet. Nice to take a break after having less than satisfying week playing. I have another live game tomorrow night so hopefully things will improve.

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