Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pokerstars WSOP freerolls

Pokerstars is running freerolls 14 times a day from now until April 26th until June 20th these are shootout formula where you win your table and move on to the next table. The eventual winner long ways down the road gets a free entry into the WSOP Main Event.

I played in one this afternoon and there was somewhere around 9300 entrants (maximum10000). This was divided into 1000 tables and you had to win your table to get through. I was at a very competitive table but thanks to getting decent cards including quad jacks I managed to out last everyone and moved on. Second round action was even tougher. We were down to 3 at my second round table when after the flop I was looking at trip kings when I pushed. The chip leader called chasing a flush and rivered it. I was out but still a fun formula. The other interesting hand in the second round also involved kings. I was dealt pocket kings. I bumped it up 3 times the BB. Got one caller. Flop came QQ10.. HMMM not the best. I thought he might have a pocket pair or something like A10. I pushed and he immediately called . I had him covered but he flipped over 10,10. Yikes I was in big trouble. The turn was a blank but the river brought me another Q. Love it. Bad news for him as my Queens over Kings beat his Queens over 10s. I might check them out again when I have some time in the next couple weeks.

I Played my usual Wednesday cash limit game with my 40 cent buy in. As usual I played until either I lost the 40 cents made a buck or 45 minutes passed. Well after 45 minutes I had 42 cents....... I am getting rich......... 2 more cents to the bankroll. I now have 1.86.........

I played my P league live tournament last night and really played horrible. I made a very weak decision early (calling when I had a straight and knew he had a higher one) got short stacked and was out early. Oh well. Playing another game tomorrow night.

Game 3 of Vancouver/ Chicago series ended in a great result for us. Vancouver played their best game of the series so far and Chicago played their worst. Game 4 should be awesome on Thursday night.

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