Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad Night

Boy did I play bad last night. I am not sure what I was thinking but it certainly wasn't playing smart. I think I should have just stayed home and watched the hockey game.

Anyways a synopsis of the night. We actually had over 50 playing last night which surprised me with the game on. It shows us poker people are a dedicated bunch. The night for me started out good. I liked the table I was at and won the first hand when my Q10 held up on a board of K,10,7,3,2. Not a huge pot but a good way to start. That was the last bright spot for the night. Got a bit card dead and then with some early knockouts they broke down my table and got seated at another table.

I was still card dead and usually I have excellent patience but for some reason I decided to play A5d from middle position with one limper already in. I really hate that hand. Why am I in there?? oh and to boot with the blinds at 200-400 I decided to min raise to 800. What was I thinking? The only good thing that happened was that everyone except the original limper folded and the flop came A,J,7 rainbow. He checked and I thought he whiffed on the flop so I made another bet of 800. He re raised me to 1600. Okay so now what do I do. Somebody at the table who knows how I play made a comment I bet you didn't expect that. Yea surprise was written over my face I am sure. Well the smart thing here would have been to get out. Notice I said the smart thing. Anyways I made the dumb call. The turn was a blank. He bet like 2000 and fortunately this time I folded. That's the problem playing those kind of hands you don't have a lot of wiggle room after the flop unless its a good flop for you and only you. Even then its so risky.

Well that certainly crippled me but I had a chance to get back those chips and more when just after getting moved again I got dealt Q8c in the BB. Just one limper to me after the SB folded. Flop came K,8,4. No clubs. The limper made a bet which would put me all in. Why would he bet so high if he hit his K unless he had a small kicker? I thought maybe he he had A4?? What would he have limped in with?? I was convinced I was good and then at the last minute mucked my hand. Sure enough my read was right as he had J8 as he showed.Wow J8. He just bought himself the pot and shortly after I was out anyways when my pocket 7's got beaten. It certainly was a very forgettable night.

It was a forgettable night for the Canucks too as they decided their 1-0 lead was good and went into a defensive shell and even with the best goalie in hockey you can't do that. It cost them when Chicago scored late and won in overtime.

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