Monday, May 11, 2009


I was on the All Vegas Poker site this morning and I see that the Venetian in Las Vegas has come aboard as a sponsor of the site. Kudos to them for doing that. It certainly is in my mind the best site for information on poker even if its just Las Vegas related. I actually check the site every day and read the trip reports and discussion on hands. They are actually getting 100,000 hits per month on the site which is tremendous. I hope that even with a sponsor like the Venetian that they will still be able to post balanced poker room reviews because as a twice yearly visitor to Las Vegas I always count on what they are saying as to where I play when I visit Las Vegas. My visits are always with my non poker playing wife (she is very understanding) so my poker hours are somewhat limited so I usually have a couple tournaments picked out before and of course as many hours of cash games as time permits. It will be interesting to see if other rooms also decide to take out ads.

I was down on the waterfront this weekend and it seemed really busy. Lots of tourists in town and lots of people walking around. I know that a lot of the cruise ships have stopped visiting ports in Mexico because of the current swine flu crisis and have diverted some of the ships north. Ports in Seattle and San Francisco and of course Vancouver and Victoria will benefit from this. On Wednesday we had 2 huge ships in town and that certainly helps our tourist count and I know the restaurants and shops are grateful but you certainly have to feel sorry for the Mexican resorts as all reports say they are hurting big time. I think it will take months if not years for them to recover. One really cool thing was seeing all the vintage cars driving around. Its a tradition on mothers day weekend for them to do that. I have never been a car buff but I certainly admire all the guys that spend hours on their cars. They all looked great.

Game 6 tonight for the Canucks. There was a lot of whining about the refereeing after game 5 but I thought all the calls against the Canucks were good calls and they have to stop taking stupid penalties. They have beaten Chicago before in Chicago and they just have to play smart tonight.

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