Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reality TV and Poker

Much has been said in other blogs about Annie Duke's appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. While I have to admit I do watch two reality shows (Survivor and American Idol on occasion). I absolutely refuse to watch a reality show promoted and decided by Donald Trump. I mean cmon this is TV at its absolute worst in my opinion. One person decides who is going to win at the end?? What is that all about?? While I think it probably was good that Annie Duke appeared on this show as it will help making poker and poker pros more visible to the non poker playing public. The fact is I really wanted to see how Annie Duke was doing but the whole premise of the show is a joke and I couldn't force myself to watch even though I really like Annie and have read her book. Reading other blogs like Daniel Negraneaus here gave me a rundown on what transpired and really it seems like it was all probably pre determined who would win anyways. Now Daniel says he would go on the show if asked. Cmon Daniel put your name in for Survivor or something like that.I remember that there was a poker pro on Survivor a couple seasons back but his name escapes me. Let the Apprentice die a natural death then Trump can go back to deciding who can keep his beauty pageant crowns that he sponsors.

I played my usual Tuesday night game last night and really had a very unspectacular night again. Card dead wouldn't fully describe my game last night. The only face cards I saw all night were KQ 3 times. Yep not once Ace all night. I won twice with KQ but one was a split pot. I limped in with 4 others early on when I was dealt KQ and and the flop came 10,10,Q. Pretty good flop. One guy bet and I called along with 1 other. The turn was another Q...... I am liking this. The original bettor then made a huge bet which told me he probably had the other Q but I hoped he was instead betting on his 10. Anyways I pushed all in. The third guy folded and the original raiser called and he had AQ. We split and good thing that other Q came on the turn or I was in big trouble. I manged to triple up later when I was short stacked and pushed with KQ. My KQ held up when nobody paired. They both had Ace something. Then when we were down to 18 players from our original 38 I decided to push again with KQ and the BB called with A7 (he had a pretty decent chip stack). Nobody paired anything and his Ace held up. Sometimes when you are that card dead you can steal some pots with marginal cards but it seemed like last night everytime someone was raising preflop and my hands were so mediocre that I just just mucked.

Well the election is over and basically nothing changed. The Liberals go back in with about the same amount of seats here in B.C and the STV went down to defeat. The one good thing I do like now that we have here in B.C as opposed to other provinces is that we have a fixed election date. That way we only go through this exercise every 4 years. Previously provincial governments could call an election at anytime and it still works that way federally. I prefer the American system of set election dates. Makes way more sense.


  1. "I remember that there was a poker pro on Survivor a couple seasons back but his name escapes me."

    I believe it was Jean-Robert Belande.

  2. Thanks Memphis. That's the guy. He didnt win but did okay if I remember right.


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