Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heads up

Well we only got to see part of the quarter finals of the NBC Heads up Poker today on tv (long hockey game) but the matches they did show were entertaining. Even though I knew the results its still fun watching them.

The highlights for me were
1.Negraneau dressing like Scotty Nguyen. Now that was priceless. Negraneau won

2. Hellmuth saying Dwan is one of the best poker players in the world. Um well Phil he may be good online but until he wins a lot live he's just another guy and I don't mean the huge cash games that the average guy can't buy in. Last year Phil lost to Dwan when his aces didn't hold up when Dwan who had pocket 10's got his trips on the turn. Of course Phil then said Dwan had played it wrong. Whatever that's Phil.

3. Vanessa Rousso winning her match. Only complaint is I wish Vanessa would lose the hat because she's got great hair. Good win though.

Looking forward to the round of 8.

Watched the Canucks lose on Saturday night. Had a bad feeling right from the start even though they were up 2-0. They were getting out skated and outplayed. Game 3 is Tuesday night in Chicago

I watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Great to see a horse that did not cost millions win it. I love horse racing but I always love to see the underdog win. It was also really great to see the jockeys reaction. I know he won 2 years ago but there is a guy who loves what he is doing. That horse was flying in the stretch.
I remember going as a little kid with my dad to the track in Vancouver. My dad never bet large sums of money but he loved going and I loved going with him.

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