Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

Up here in Canada we have a few lotteries one is our 649 lottery and the other is something called Lotto Max. Well this Friday the lotto Max has reached its maximum payout so there will be extra million dollar prizes awarded. You see once Lotto Max reaches 50 million dollars then some extra numbers are drawn and those tickets are each worth 1 million. Make sense?? First of all it shows you your real chances of winning if the prize has reached 50 million. In other words not much chance. Then again someone will eventually win I guess. What I would rather see is instead of one person or possibly two splitting the 50 million why not draw have 50 people split the prize. Yep draw 50 sets of numbers and make 50 people millionaires. Don't have any smaller prizes just the big ones. It would be better for the economy too. Just imagine 50 people who could go out and buy new cars, furniture , condos or whatever. Who really needs 50 million anyways?? Just a thought. Oh yea I have my ticket.

I will be playing the VERYJOSIE tonight on Fulltilt. I have been threatened with a butt kicking by Josie if I don't show up. As much as my perverted mind might kind of like that my old body might not be able to stand the pain. So I will be there. Of course Josie has a bounty on herself of an extra 5 bucks. That's worth the price of admission alone. Any time you can take money from Josie it's an extra special treat. She really hates to part with it (I know) and she will be whining afterwords for days about it that is unless she happens to win her own tourney. Now she will be hitting the bottle tonight so the likely hood of that happening is not good.. be there for all the fun and name calling.

My Monday night live game was boring and not much to report . We had 54 people show up. I went out in 19th when I was short stacked and I jammed with Qs 10s. I got called with KK. Yikes. The flop was somewhat promising as the As 6c 4d. Turn was the Ks which gave her trips but gave me a flush draw and a gut shot royal flush draw but it was not to be as the river bricked.

Online this week I have stuck to cash games and every session has been profitable. Just a nice change from tournaments. Aces held up for me twice yesterday. Once when a guy called me all the way to the river with just a pair and a lousy kicker. I love players like that. Actually I like their money better.


Aces 22/31


  1. I will be playing the VERYJOSIE tonight on Fulltilt.

    VeryJosie? What's that?

    Haha, kidding, I'll be there. Any chance to take her blogger money is the sweetest!

  2. Coop - Thanks for the link! And you made a good choice - a virtual asskicking in lieu of a literal one....although, I think you're body COULD take it. Besides, whatever I hurt I usually kiss and make better afterwards. :P

    "Once when a guy called me all the way to the river with just a pair and a lousy kicker." wasn't Gary, was it? lol

  3. @ Memphis

    You bet . GL tonight

  4. @ Josie

    You would make a great nurse... ha ha

    Too funny about Gary. You know if he reads that comment he will get you.

  5. No one's getting any of my sweet money tonight! ESPECIALLY not Mojo. :P

  6. @ Memphis

    I think Josie has issued you a challenge

  7. You jam Q-T suited and get called by K-K and you think A-6-4 rainbow is a promising flop? Who taught you how to play, Josie?

    Speaking of whom, you give in to a threat by her? Do you stay up late just thinking of a new way to convince me that you pull your panties down and sit?

  8. @ Wolfshead

    LOL. You must learn to read I said somewhat promising.. I only had enough for one more orbit and Q 10 was the best I had seen for two orbits. Ah wolfie I know you secretly love Josie. Cmon admit it....... Ha ha

  9. LOL Wolfie - you are sooo frigging funny.

    Wolfie loves to aggravate me, and you too it seems.

  10. Even some what promising is damned optimistic. Given your propensity for chick flicks and that outlook you might as well name this blog Pollyanna's Closet or something similar. Promising, even some what, flops when you need at least two cards to win means the flop gets you down to only needing one on the turn or river and doesn't help your opponent. Just keep on listenging to the broad.


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