Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RCMP and a Tournament Win

First of all before I start this rant let me say that I am a supporter of our local police forces and the RCMP but lately all we have been hearing about is inquiries and accusations of police misconduct.

The biggest of course is the inquiry into the taser death of the Polish immigrant at the Vancouver Airport. To summarize what happened Robert Dziekanski an immigrant from Poland landed at the Vancouver airport planning on meeting his mother who lived here in B.C. He spoke not a word of English. After wandering around the customs area for hours (why nobody got an interpreter is another story) he became agitated and police were called. Four police showed up and instead of trying to restrain the unarmed, average build man they immediately tasered him and he died. Pretty tragic eh!! Oh and his mom was waiting for him. You can read more of the story here.

Anyways one of the four officers who were involved in this incident about 6 months ago allegedly (notice I said allegedly) hit and killed a young 21 year old on a motorcycle while driving with his 2 young children in his off duty vehicle. He was also allegedly under the influence of alcohol. He has now been charged but my question is what the heck took so long?? The average joe would have been charged the next day. Seems there is something very wrong here. I tell you if he is guilty he better get the same penalty that you and I would get. No deals!! You can read more about it here.

I played last night in my regular Tuesday night live game and managed to outlast 47 other players to snag a win. I have always said you need some luck to get wins and place in tournaments and mine came when I was very short stacked. I think there was about 20 people left when with the blinds 1000-2000 and me sitting with only 1700 in chips(yea I know I shouldn't have let it get this low but I was card dead). Anyways I got dealt 7,9 off suit in the big blind and I of course was all in. Well the flop came 7,9 ,J. Hmmmm Okay looking good. There was 2 other people in the pot and they both checked. The turn brought another 9 and the river was a 6 I think. Anyways I tripled up and was back with some chips. I managed to double up again a couple hands later and then slowly started building my stack up.

When we got to the final table I was probably 4th in chips. I played fairly conservatively until I got A9h in middle position. I min raised and everybody folded except the BB who was all in. My A9 held up when I hit an A on the flop.
When we were down to 3 players I got dealt A,10s. I raised and got called. Flop comes KJJ. Two spades. I have a gut shot Royal flush draw and a flush draw. I just checked. The other player went all in. I had her covered and called. She had pocket Queens and one of the Queens was a spade so there goes my Royal Flush possibility. Anyways the turn and river were no help to me and she won a huge pot and was now the chip leader. Then I started getting more great cards and battled back when I hit pocket queens and won a decent pot. I managed to eliminate the other lady and it was down to the 2 of us. The tide turned when I hit pocket jacks and pushed and I think she thought I was just trying to buy the pot and called with 9,10d. My Jacks held up and then 2 hands later I got dealt Pocket Queens again. Yep you gotta love it. Anyways they held up and I managed to prevail.


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