Friday, June 26, 2009

Farah, Michael and Poker

Farah Fawcett. What can a guy say? She had that certain something that captivated this guys eye. When Charlies Angels burst onto the television scene in 1976 people laughed at the idea of 3 private detectives who went around solving cases under the advisement of a mysterious guy name Charlie. Was it great acting?? Nope. Was it superb plots?? Nope. What it basically had was 3 gorgeous ladies who us guys drooled over. That was enough to keep this guy glued to the tube every time the show aired. Farah along with Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith solved crime with some pretty unbelievable plots but that was okay because they were smoking hot. Nobody cared about the plot anyways. We just hoped for more bikini shots and Farah was my favourite. When she smiled and said Oh Charlie that was enough for me. She only went on to play in 29 episodes and was replaced by Cheryl Ladd. The show for me was never the same and no disrespect to Cheryl who is pretty hot herself. She just wasn't Farah.

Farah never became a great actress like Meryl Streep or Katherine Hepburn but she did do an outstanding job in the very disturbing movie called The Burning Bed.

Her struggle with cancer recently was documented in TV special which I had to turn off half way through as it was incredibly sad. I wanted to remember her running on the beach with her blond hair flowing and that certain smile that she always seemed to have for the camera. Most famous people would have hid their sickness but not Farah. She wanted everyone to know that cancer could ravage anyone. I admire her for that.

No sooner had I absorbed the death of Farah and then word came down that Michael Jackson had died of a heart attack at the age of 50. I never was a huge Michael fan but he had talent that's for sure. His records sold millions but nobody really understood the guy. He always seemed so sad to me. Still 50 is way to young to die.

I played my usual Thursday night live game last night and really not much to say about it. There was about 60 of us and other than the pocket nines which I got dealt in the very first hand in the SB (which I folded after the flop) I didn't see any playable cards all night and basically got blinded away. It wasn't that I was playing too tight either but when you are dealt 2,8 (three times) and not an Ace and only a couple of face cards all night it was pretty sad. It seemed also when I was in the dealer position where I could have tried to steal a couple of pots by the time it got to me there had already been a huge raise and my 9,5 off suit (Ha Ha) didn't look so good. It was just one of those nights.


  1. When I see people younger than I am dying, well, it's sobering. It's natural, I guess, to think we'll live forever, but this just in: not gonna happen.

  2. My girlfriend could do her hair like Farrah Fawcett and I was very jealous of it in those days.

    Michael Jackson, well, there is nothing sadder than the avoidable death of a human being. But I have to say, the reaction to his death is a bit over the top.

  3. Its sad to see people die young Memphis but seems common in the music business

  4. Yea Linda The reaction to Jacksons death is surprising considering some of the questionable things he was accused of.


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