Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just got back from a few days in Vancouver and glad to be back. Even though I was born there I much prefer Victoria now. Its a bit smaller, better weather and overall a better place to live now. I still love Vancouver to visit and its always fun there but its nice being a ferry ride away.

I only got to play the one tournament at the River Rock Casino when I was there but I did visit the newer casino out in New Westminster called the Starlight Casino. I really liked the setup there. Very open and it just seemed fresh and new. The poker room was a decent size and when I was there with my wife and our friend they had 3 tables going. I quickly checked the list and there was 14 names on a 1-2 list so any thoughts of getting in a bit of cash game action went by the wayside. I instead sat at a slot machine with my wife and friend and mindlessly punched buttons and after an hour I was down like five cents. As you can tell slots are not my game but I will play sometimes to keep the wife company.

The ferry ride over to Vancouver was fantastic. I have travelled on the ferries many, many times but this trip was outstanding. We sat on the outside deck and got some sun and admired the view. The trip through Active pass is so scenic and I never get tired of it. It's funny some people bitch about the ferries , the cost and the time it takes (95 minutes) to get to Vancouver but I love it. I think some people just don't realize how beautiful a place we live in. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

I have been following all the action at the WSOP in Las Vegas and other than Phil Ivey's win its been so far a time for unknowns to win the bracelets. It should be interesting to see as the action continues for another month whether any of the other so called big names manages to snag another bracelet. Daniel Negraneau came close finishing second in the limit one and he really should have won as he had a 3 to 1 chip lead over the other players but he went card dead and ended up finishing second.

I was reading online about the newest reality show planned for the fall. Ít seems that they are going to have a lady who wants to get married have her friends and family select out of six guys a guy for her and she will marry him on t.v without ever meeting him. She will actually walk down the aisle ,meet the guy, say her vows and that's it. Then I guess the show will check back in a couple months to see how they are doing. All I can say is what will they think of next. Will I watch??? Stay tuned!!


  1. "I quickly checked the list and there was 14 names on a 1-2 list"

    They need to open another table! Keep the players (and you) happy.

  2. Yea I never understand there reasoning or staff scheduling. It makes sense to me to open up tables when there are that many people waiting. What happens is people like myself end up leaving withour playing and they lose money


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