Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short Tournament

I played a live tournament last night. There was about 50 entrants and it was a pretty short night for yours truly. I was really card dead for the first two blind levels. When we hit blinds at 300/600 I got dealt J9 in the BB. Just the SB and myself in everyone else folded. Flop comes Q 10 8. Always nice when you flop a straight. SB checked so did I hoping he would catch up a bit. Turn was a 4. Check Check. River was a 6. He checked and I made a small bet and he folded. That would be the only hand I would win.

With Blinds at 400/800 and 100 anti. I got deal KQ in the SB. Two limpers to me. My original thought was to just push as I only had 3200 in chips but I decided to just call and the BB checked. Flop comes Q 10 10. Pretty nice flop. Not really wanting to see any more cards I immediately pushed. Pot size was already 4000 plus my push of 2800. SB called as did one of the limpers . I knew I was in trouble. Turn and the River and I didn't improve. BB had K10 and the other player QJ so I was out. Not sure if I had pushed pre flop if the BB would have called anyways. He had a lot of chips and with K10 knowing the way he plays I think I was doomed no matter what I did.


  1. It sounds like it just wasn't gonna happen. Were you playing at a casino?

  2. Not this time Memphis... I do that too but this one was at a bar/restaurant.

  3. You have poker at bar/restaurants in Canada? And what casinos do you have nearby?

  4. We have a casino about 5 minutes from my place but it only has those dealerless tables. There are several casinos which are just a ferry ride away. The River Rock, The Edgewater, The Boulevard and a couple others. All have poker rooms with cash and tournament games. As for the bar poker its not money involved its just points which leads to prizes at a season ending tournie


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