Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charity and Poker

I played in a charity poker event last night to raise money for a local person that has some medical issues. It turned out to be a fun day/evening.

It was a cheap entry 30 dollars of which 10 went to the charity portion. We started with 20,000 chips and blinds started at 100/200 and went up slowly so lots of play for the money. We also had a 5 dollar bounty on each person. I believe we had 30 entrants with 4 tables. I loved my opening table. I had played with everybody before so I was expecting to do well knowing how they all played. It didn't start out that way though. I lost an early hand when I was dealt Ace Jack in the SB. With it folding to me I raised hoping to steal the blinds. SB called. Really decent player so I knew he had something of a hand. Flop comes J88. Pretty decent flop for me. I bet out and he took forever to call but did which sent red flags for me . Turn was 6. I decided to check and so did he.. River was a 4. I decided to bet the same amount and he just called. He had A8.. flopped trips but the said he was worried I had pocket Jacks...... I wish and I wouldn't have played it that way if I had..

By the first break I was down to under 9500 chips and a little worried. Then I went of a 4 hand rush where I got dealt pocket 10s, AK twice and Pocket Queens which either won the pot before the flop with my raises or after with my continuation bets. Suddenly I was back in 27000 range and looking good. A few hands later I got dealt pocket 6s, UTG. I limped in with the two blinds. Flop comes Q64 rainbow. There was about 5000 chips in as the blinds had gone up. Both blinds checked and I thought why not check (I got greedy) and knowing one lady to be aggressive she would think my check was weak and probably bet on the turn. Turn brought an 8. SB checked. BB bet 2000. Perfect. She only had about 5300 left so I took a second and pushed all in. SB folded. She called and turned over 57 for the turned straight. The river didn't pair the board and her hand held up. Serves my right for getting greedy . It happens too much.. A definate leak in my game which I am working on fixing. Take the small pot and be happy. A bet on the flop and she would have folded for sure.

I gradually built my stack back up to well over the average and by this time we were down to 15 players I think. With blinds at 1500/3000. I raised to 12000 with AQh. Got one caller. Same lady who got the straight on me. Flop comes K73. She pushes all in . I got her covered but not by a lot. To call that on on an AQ is tough. I know she bluffs but being a bit gun shy from before I laid my hand down. She showed AJ....... GRRR . Still logically I made the right play.

I managed to pick up two bounties. The last when a guy decided to push with 54 in the SB and I had KJc in the BB . I called and he was out when the board missed.

I made the final table but was the short stack by lots... I went all in on the second hand with pocket 2s which held up and I tripled up but still very short. Then two hands later I got dealt A8 and with the blinds hitting me next pushed again. Everybody folded but the button who also pushed. He was the chip leader. The blinds folded. He had pocket Jacks. Hit a Jack on the flop but also two spades. Another spade on the turn gave me hope as my 8 was the only spade. The river was a black 4 but clubs and I was out..

They only paid top 5 but still got a lot of play for my entry and managed 2 bounties so it was a great evening and glad we could raise some money for her.

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