Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night I played a live tournament with I think around 54 entrants. I was seated at a very passive table which I liked because I am not a passive player. I am not a big believer of limping unless I have a very marginal hand in late position and I just want to see a flop. Usually I am raising or folding. Anyways second hand in I get Pocket 4s UTG. I really hate small pocket pairs and especially being first to act. I thought whatever blinds were cheap enough so I limped with the thought any raise and I am folding. 5 limpers behind me. Told you it was passive. Flop comes 10,6,3. Not a horrible flop but not great either. I check, guy next to me min bets and everyone calls. Action back to me. I was thinking of folding but thought whatever its cheap enough. Turn is a 7. I check and everybody checks. Geez what is this?? River brings a lovely 4. I now have trips but also with 5 other people in the pot and with a straight possibility I am not loving my hand. Guy who was in the BB bets but its only twice the Min so I thought whatever I called as did one other guy. My trip 4's were good. So I take down a decent pot. That hand played weird though.

I then preceded to get Ace Jack 3 times in the several hands and with me raising I took two of those hands preflop and also got a couple limpers off their hands. So I was slowly building my stack. Definitely the chip leader at my table. The third time I got Ace Jack I raised preflop got one caller. Flop comes KQ4. HMM. I did a continuation bet and the old guy folded. Not sure what he had but probably Ace something.

I was sailing along when I got 10,3 clubs in the BB. Blinds were now at 400/800. Two limpers to me I checked. Flop comes AAQ with 2 clubs. I hollywood it a bit studying the flop and decide to check. One guy bets out 1200, other guy folds and trying to show confidence in my flush draw I come along. Turn is a 10. Okay card but not if he has a Queen. I make eye contact and smile and then I check. Reading his look he has me on an Ace. Too funny so he checks too. River is 5 of diamonds. I bet and he disgustedly throws his hand away and comments you had trips right. I just smiled.

We were down to 22 players when I got dealt Pocket Kings in early position. Blinds were now 500/1000. I raised it to 3500 and surprisingly two very tight players (both the blinds) called. Flop comes J 8 4. Rainbow. SB checks. BB goes all in. BB is an older guy who plays pretty tight. Action is on me. I have him covered but not by much. What does he have?? Ace Jack?? Pocket Queens?? Aces?? In the back of my mind I think did he really hit Trip jacks. I decide to call. SB takes a long time and decides to fold. We flip and yep he had pocket Jacks and hit his trips. I am severely crippled. SB said he had pocket 6's.

Very next hand I get pocket 2's and with the blinds coming I go all in which only covers the BB. 5 Callers. Flop comes 10,3,5. Checked all around, Turn is a 6, Check check. River is a 7. Everybody checks. Somebody caught their 7 on the river and my night is over.

I am not sure if I could have folded the Kings but I did consider that he had the pocket Jacks and should have gone with my gut feeling. Tough to fold though. That's twice in the past 3 weeks were Kings did me in on a relatively safe board. Both times guys caught their trips. it's one of those times where you just got to shake it off and look forward to the next game..........


  1. If it's any consolation, you did the right thing. Would pocket jacks have called if your raise was higher than 3,500? My guess is YES.

    I really like how you play and your decision making process.

    Long term, smart playing pays off.

  2. DB, if it's any consolation, you played it right. Even if your raise was more than 3,500, I think pocket jacks would have called anyway.

    I really like how you play and your decision making rocks. In fact, you rock, and I don't throw compliments out will nilly.

  3. Thanks Josie.... Yea I think the Jacks would have called no matter what... Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes us guys make good decisions(no often though).............


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