Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cell Phone Ban and One Outers

Yesterday our provincial government finally got around to introducing legislation that will ban using cell phones and texting while driving. They had been talking about this for months This new law will take effect Jan 1,2010 and will carry a fine of 167.00 for violations. All I can say it is about time. I don't know how many times I have almost been hit as pedestrian by people yakking away or busy texting on their phones. I never understood the fascination with cell phones. You see I don't have one. I did get one once when one of my kids bought me one for Christmas. I literally hated the thing. Yea okay that may be weird to most people today but something about my phone ringing while I was walking down the street just annoyed the heck out of me. I really didn't like being that available. Anyways our politicians having wised up and realized that people driving having a hard enough time keeping their vehicles on the road and driving safely without being one hand short. They will still allow the hands free models though. Now if they could only come up with a law that bans brushing your teeth while driving (yes I really did see a lady doing that one day). I am not sure where she was spitting and probably don't want to know.

I have been watching Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho continue their run on The Amazing Race and they sure seem to be getting the one outers. First time they were last it was a non elimination leg and just a week ago when again they came in last the team that actually had finished first lost their passports so they were eliminated. All of us poker players know that you can't keep hitting those one outers though. It will be interesting to see if they can step up their game in the coming weeks.

Speaking of one outers I caught one the other night playing my usual Sunday night live game with about 40 players. I was dealt JJ UTG and being relatively short at our table decided to push with it. I always find Jacks hard to play and especially being first to act. Should I limp, Should I push or just put in a healthy raise. Well with the blind structure the way it was by just raising I was literally committing 2/3 of my chips anyways so I decided to push. A lady two over from me immediately pushed all in also and had exactly my chip stack. I thought oh oh I am in trouble. Then the BB decided to call both of us as he had huge stack. Big Trouble. Well the lady flipped over KK and the BB had AJ. I figured my night was over. Well the flop came QQ2, the turn was a 6 and the river brought the lovely case Jack. You gotta love it when it happens in your favour. I sheepishly muttered sorry to the lady with Kings but she took it well and I tripled up. Isn't poker fun when that happens??


  1. Texting while driving? Are people just crazy?

  2. You see it all the time. Glad it's finally going to be illegal.


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