Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vegas After Thoughts

The Highlights

1. Playing at Caesars Palace. Great room.
2. The Bus driver on the Deuce. She really needs her own comedy show.
3. People watching. The best place in the world for this.
4. Superb service by the older guy(forgot his name) in the Flamingo breakfast place near the buffet.
5. Having a jug of beer at the Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs.
6. Winning a tournament even if it was a donkfest.
7. Playing a fun cash game with the drunks at Osheas.
8. Relaxing at the Adult Pool.

The Not so good
1. Poor drink service at most casinos if your just playing the slots. Never seen it so bad. It was different if you were playing the tables or poker.
2. Rooms at the Flamingo. Second time staying there but the rooms need an upgrading.
3. Indifferent service when out for dinner. This was a first for us in Vegas as usually the service has been outstanding.

It was a fun week as always and of course the highlights outnumber the bad stuff. I always say if you can't have fun in Vegas you can't have fun anywhere.

Counting the days until we go back


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