Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Label reading and Harrah's new tournament

I never thought I would do this but I have become a compulsive label reader. I go to the supermarket and instead of throwing things in the basket like I used to I stare at the small reading on the side of the packaging to try and figure out the fat content. I compare brands to see which will kill me a little slower. Its either that or become a slave to the pharmaceutical world by taking Lipitor or Crestor. That's what happens when you get a bad cholesterol test. I always thought my running and active lifestyle would save me from this but it seems to help but I still have higher than I should totals. So gone are the days of throwing cookies in my mouth and taking huge pieces of pie and cakes. Now its become a vegetable and fruit existence (something I ate lots of before). I figured if I ate lots of fruits and vegetables I could have those 5 cookies after my run. Boy was I dumb.

So I was in the market and I went to grab my favourite dip that I use for the raw vegetables I eat. Its really yummy. Well its got 22% fat content and 7% trans fat (the really bad stuff). Here I thought that by eating celery, carrots, green peppers and cucumbers and dipping them in this I was doing great. Not to be. I might as well have gone to McDonalds and had a Big Mac. I check all the brands of dips and basically they are all the same. Huge fat content. Kind of defeats the purpose. Someone tells me dipping vegetables in low fat yogurt is the best. HMM. Doesn't sound nearly as yummy but I will give it a try.

Then I go to the dairy section to grab the Creama I love for my coffee. Same thing . Huge fat content but alas they do have a lot fat kind that only has 1% fat. Big sigh of relief.

I wander by the bakery section and stare at the cookies and cake that are screaming at me to buy them. They all look so yummy but knowing what they can do to my body I resist. I wander by the chip and pop aisle knowing that my days of eating and drinking them are over to. I go for another test at the end of August. Hopefully my counts will be down and the low fat diet will work.

I was reading on another site that Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas is now going to be offering a 120.00 + 30.00 Mega Stack daily tournament with 20,000 in chips and blinds starting at 25 and 50. No rebuys or addons. This sounds like my kind of tournament. When I go to Vegas I usually try and play 3 tournaments and some cash game when I can fit it in. I usually try and play 1 tournament at Planet Hollywood and the other 2 at wherever I can find them that fits our schedule. These usually are not ideal tournaments as the blinds go up too fast and basically become shove fests after awhile. I prefer the deeper stack tournaments and tend to do much better in them. The only problem is the amount of time they take. When you travel with someone who is a non poker player you have to pick your spots as they say. Hopefully I can manage to fit this tournament in sometime during the week I am there.


  1. I compare brands to see which will kill me a little slower.


    It sounds like you don't like any fat in your food or your poker tournaments!

  2. Yep exactly!! Going to miss some of my favourite goodies!!!

  3. You can adorn your yogurt to suit your taste - I like garlic and dill in mine - now that's a yummy dip. I wouldn't go with the low fat yogurt, just regular - you do need some fat to absorb vitamins better.
    Store bought dips are lethal.

  4. I bought some yogurt yesterday and will try adding dill and garlic. Thanks for the advice!!


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