Friday, July 10, 2009

For Sale Sign and Poker

Its funny how little things can change your life so much. Just doing something different. I am a Starbucks junkie and I usually always go there. In fact in the one near my house mostly all the staff know me by name (not sure if that's a good thing). My youngest son also works for Starbucks but not at the one I frequent( that would be weird). I go pretty well everyday take my laptop, check email, write this blog, people watch. You know the usual things you do in a coffee shop. Anyways on Wednesday I was across the street from Starbucks and there is another coffee shop there. I think I have been there twice before. The wife was with me and said lets get a coffee here. Sounds good. We go in have coffee (was really good) and when we leave we notice an open house sign just around the corner. I said lets go have a look. We walk in and we love the place. So we go home, talk about it, sleep on it and decide to make an offer on it subject to us selling our current place. They accept our offer. Now we have our place up for sale. Now we had no intention of moving before Wednesday. None. Zilch!! We like the place we are in. Not a thing wrong with it really except a bit bigger than we need. This new place is smaller, brand new but we will put some money in our pocket after selling (if we sell). Kind of a shock eh? I know if we hadn't gone in to that coffee shop we wouldn't have seen the open house sign and we now wouldn't have a for sale sign in front of ours. Hopefully its a good thing.

So of course now that our house is up for sale we had to go on a massive cleaning, arranging and chucking out things type of day today. Its not that our house was dirty but when you are going to have people coming through looking at your house you can't have anything lying around. Its amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a short time. We bought this place 3 years ago and it was a downsize from our previous place. This new place will be even more of a downsize which is a good thing. We currently have a den and 1 bedroom that never gets used unless we have overnight guests from out of town but that's not that often. So now the fun begins. Realtors phoning with clients and looky loo's coming through..... Joy Joy!! What is good this time is that there is no pressure to sell. We like our current place just fine so if we don't sell no big deal. The market has actually picked up in our area of Canada so should be interesting to see what happens in the next 60 days. Funny thing is that the listing runs out on the day we leave for Las Vegas. I have lots of thoughts about realtors but that's for another day.

Okay I got to admit I watch Big Brother. Yea I know its lame but for some reason I always watch. The new one started last night. This season they have divided the house in 4 cliques. Just like high school. The popular group, the athletes, the brainiacs and the offbeats. Then they brought back Jessie from another season. Guy is a egomaniac so already someone to hate. When I was in high school I was in the party clique. Yep we just partied all the time. Not sure how I graduated but I sure had fun. Anyways should be interesting to watch and I certainly don't watch much TV. And yes its really lame!!!

I played my usual Thursday night live game last night and as has been the norm lately I was out early. I had limped in a couple hands missed the flop completely and folded. This time I was dealt AJ. One limper before me so with the blinds at 100/200 I bet it up to 600. Everyone folded except the limper who called somewhat reluctantly. Flop comes A 8,3. Two diamonds. Limper checks. I think what would be a good bet and decide to just push as I have about 3500 in chips left. I figured I was good. Limper ponders a bit and the calls. He has K3 diamonds. Okay so he has a diamond draw and he paired his 3. He called my all in with that??? Risked his tournament life. Did he catch his diamond??? Of course not . He caught a 3 on the turn. River was a blank. That eliminated me. Now even more mind boggling was the fact he called my initial raise with K3. He had limped in with that out of position , then called my raise. HMMMMM interesting poker. The guy is a really nice guy but I know I certainly wouldn't have called my all in or my original raise with his hand. Then again I went home and he continued to play. Ha Ha. It's why I love poker so much!!!


  1. The words "impulse buy" come to mind....

    Having lived in my house for almost twenty years I would dread having to have a clean out. Our house is small by today's standards but I have managed to fill it.

    You are going to have to be super tidy now until the place is sold. Oh, what an effort. You might get the place so sparkly clean that you will want to stay there.

    You and your wife had best be careful next time you go for a coffee.

  2. Linda you hit the nail on the head. Definately an impulse buy. So not like me. Ha Ha. The super tidy is a pain too. I think I can manage but its going to be a chore keeping youngest son who still lives at home neat.

  3. Bad poker players love to call. They'd call even if you sat there with a shotgun!

  4. Thats so true. Like the shotgun idea though!!!


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