Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drinking,Driving and a Tournament

I was playing my usual Monday night live tournament last night and some interesting conversation broke out at table. One of the guys at our table was complaining about cops sitting up the street from bars and watching patrons leave and once they got in their cars pulling them over and making them take breathalyzers. He was going on and on about this saying it was sneaky and shouldn't be done. I guess he had been pulled over but had only drank one beer so he was okay. A couple people agreed with him. I just sat silently for a long time thinking the conversation would end and trying my best to ignore it. I have to say though it was really getting to me. People who drink and drive should lose their licence. When I am out at a bar that I have driven to the most I ever drink is one glass of wine. If I want to drink more I don't drive. Simple as that. If they want to pull me over I am happy to oblige them. In fact I am happy they are out there. I don't want to be hit by someone who's had too much to drink and I don't want any of my family members or friends to be hit either. Finally after a lengthy time I said I have no problem with that and the conversation ended.

The tournament last night had just under 50 people and I was at a wild table. Super aggressive after the flop. People were pushing and I just kind of laid back and waited for cards. Finally got pocket 10's, I raised got one caller who pushed all in. I called. He had me covered. He had AJh. Flop was 10,Q 6. with two hearts and of course I now had trips but he had a straight and flush draw but the turn and river were blanks and I doubled up.
Other than that a pretty uneventful night. Later on I got dealt pocket 9's. Lady UTG raised which was more than 3/4 of my stack. I figured she had AK, AQ or a pocket pair. Figured it was push or fold. Not much use just calling. So I pushed, everyone else folded and she called. She had AQ and she hit her Ace on the turn and I was out in 16th spot.


  1. I don't drink so they can stop me anytime.

    That's how tournaments work, isn't it? They are fun, but eventually you have to take a stand.

  2. Wise not to drink. Me just one glass of red wine a day


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